Making ropes since 1825
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Making Ropes Since 1825

Rua do Outeiro, 906 
4475-150 Gemunde (Maia)

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Oliveira produces the world’s premier wire and synthetic ropes for all types of fishing applications. Our high-performance fishing ropes are manufactured to exceed your expectations and custom engineered for your specialized fishing rope needs.  

Our trademarked brands such Green Strand®, Super Yellow Fin®, Super Atlantic® and Zincal Compact® offer a wide variety of features such as high resistance to abrasion, excellent performance in tough working situations, higher breaking strength and fatigue resistance, all specifically engineered for your fishing applications.  In addition, Oliveira is proud to offer technical support, not only during the purchasing process, but on board your vessel.

Explore our broad product offering of proven products designed specifically for your operation:

Super Atlantic®
6 x K26SW - CF Fiber Core
6 x K26SW - CWR Steel Core

Super Yellow Fin®
6x19 K19 - Seale Fiber Core
6xK26 SW - Fiber Core
6xK19 Seale - Steel Core
6xK26 SW - Steel Core  

Zincal Compact®
6 x K26SW - CF Fiber Core
6 x K26SW - CWR Steel Core

Green Strand®
6x19 Seale - CF Fiber Core
6x19 Seale - CWR Steel Core
6x19 Seale - CWR Mixed Core

Seine 22


6-Strand Combination


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